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  1. A qualified arborist will come to your home and provide you a free quote for the work you need done. The price for that stated work will never be more than the quote so there are no surprises.
  2. We are a green company and guarantee that 100% of the wood and debris we remove from your property will be recycled minimizing the impact on the environment.
  3. We will leave your house and yard better than we found it. In fact, you wont even know we were there!
  4. Our reviews speak for themselves. We are 5 star rated and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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    Smyrna’s Local Tree Service Provider

    Residents of Smyrna in Cobb County Georgia have many different reasons for calling a tree service. It could be a damaged tree, or they may want some aesthetic local tree trimming. They may want stump removal or stump grinding.

    Evergreen Tree Service provides quality service with experienced, certified arborists. 100% of the trees, shrubs, and wood chips removed from customers’ properties are recycled, and we offer 24/7 emergency tree service.

    We offer firewood from some of our removed trees as well as selling any Pear of Cherry wood to competitive barbeque-ers in the area. We can help customers with tree pruning to improve the health of trees on the property. Evergreen Tree Service is a local tree service with years of experience. When we are done with a job it will look as if we were never there. Smyrna has been called one of the best places to live in the Atlanta area and we believe in keeping it beautiful!

    The city of Smyrna was incorporated in 1872. The land where Smyrna is located was originally part of the Cherokee Nation. Settlement in the area began in 1832. In the 1830s many settlers throughout Georgia began to come to a religious settlement known as Smyrna Camp Ground. In 1839, the first church in the area was established, the Primitive Baptist Church. The Concord Baptist Church, as it is now know, if located only 4 miles from the location of the original log cabin where the church started its services. The area experienced large growth by 1842 as most places in the area did, with the advent of the railroad.

    There were 2 Civil War battles fought in Smyrna as well. Sherman’s troops burned area business and homes in two back-to-back battles in July of 1864. The Battle of Smyrna Camp Ground was on July 3rd, and the Battle of Ruff’s Mill was the very next day. The Smyrna area is steeped in the rich history of the deep south, and many museums and attractions throughout the city are testament to that history.

    The City of Smyrna is governed by a mayor and a city council. These representatives are elected for 4-year terms. They then appoint the City Administrator. Under this system, the city has been known to embrace growth and revitalization, expanding at a rate higher than that of Atlanta itself.

    The population of Smyrna is quite diverse, with many ethnicities represented throughout the 51,000 plus population in its 15 square mile footprint. Approximately 53% of the population is Caucasian with 31% being African American. The U.S. Census Bureau reports a 25% growth in population since the year 2000. The ownership rate of homes is over 52% 91.3% of the population has at least a high school education with 52.2% holding a college degree.

    From the years 2009 – 2013, the median home value of an owner-occupied property was $206,900. The median household income for that same period was $58.157. Residents here, in general, are younger than average in Atlanta with a higher per capita income. With a small town atmosphere and a dedication to growth, families, and education, make it a great place to live for those looking to raise their families in the greater Atlanta area. Smyrna was even awarded the Urban Land Institute’s Award for Excellence.

    Landscaping and Homes
    Downtown Smyrna has an charm all of its own. The 15 square miles that make up Smyrna boast 304 acres of green space and parks. Landscaping and trees in both the city itself and the residential areas is important to residents. This is one of the reasons many residents rely on Evergreen Tree Services for heir tree cutting, tree pruning, and stump grinding.

    Trees can improve the value of any property in the area. Tree pruning and tree trimming is essential to keep these trees healthy and looking good. Trees can cause upheavals of concrete and blacktop, even if they are left as just stumps. For this reason, stump grinding and stump removal is also important.

    To increase home values in the area, proper landscaping and care of the property is important. Residents hold this in high regard. When residents see signs of tree trouble, they can call Evergreen Tree Services and have the problem taken care of in short order. Those signs can include trees leaning in a way they haven’t before, bark falling off, or leave wilting and turning colors in the spring or summer. All of these are reasons to have a certified arborist to prevent any further damage and to keep the property looking great and holding its value.

    Weather and Climate
    The average temperature in Smyrna is 61.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Jonquils bloom in the spring in the thousands. Residents also enjoy a the beautiful color of leaves changing in the fall. There is a long spring and fall season. Both are very mild. Even the winters are not harsh, as is typical with many places in the south. It has been said that if one should move from the north, he might as well sell all of his winter clothes, as the area rarely gets cold enough to wear heavy clothing.

    Average precipitation in Smyrna is 50 inches per year. Storms do blow through that can cause tree damage. Evergreen Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency tree removal because any given storm can wreak havoc on residents and their properties. We will remove the trees that caused damage as well as any others that put your property in danger. We will secure any damaged areas so that no more damage happens, too. We understand that, if a tree falls on your house, you not only need the tree removed, but also the area sealed so that more damage does not occur.

    Smyrna has a long history dating back to its origins as part of the Cherokee Nation, and much of that history can still be found around the city. The population is younger and more affluent, on average, than those in the city of Atlanta. It is known as a great place to raise a family. Residents enjoy beautiful seasonal changes without harsh winters, giving them year-round enjoyment of their beautiful city.