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We are a certified tree care company that has years of experience with all types of tree care. Our tree trimming, cutting, and pruning services are the best in Atlanta because of our commitment to quality, our professionalism, and our honest pricing.

What’s the Difference between Trimming, Cutting, and Pruning?

Tree cutting refers to tree removal. This is done when the whole tree is removed, which could be for any number of reasons. Trimming and pruning are both terms that are often used interchangeably but have different meanings depending on the company that you contact. They both refer to removing parts of the tree for a variety of reasons, whether it’s protecting the tree’s health, to encourage growth, or to remove parts of the tree that are too close to a power line.

Typically tree trimming refers to work done to improve the design of a tree or shrub, while pruning refers to work done for other reasons(including tree health and to encourage growth).

When performing tree trimming or pruning, there are a variety of terms to describe the exact job at hand.

Crown Maintenance
This involves removing dead or dying branches from the top of the tree, which is often referred to as the “crown” of a tree. The crown is one of the most important parts of the tree, so crown maintenance is a vital part of tree maintenance.

Topping commonly refers to reducing the height or width of a tree, or doing both. This usually is done when the tree is taking up too much space, and you need to increase clearance area below and around it.

Crown Lifting
Crown lifting refers to removing the lower branches of the tree, essentially creating more free space below the crown of the tree. The visual effect makes it look like the crown has been lifted upwards. This is usually done to either increase clearance area underneath the tree, or to avoid a power line. Sometimes it’s also done to allow more sun into the property.

This process involves removing branches to allow sunlight and to encourage growth. This is analogous to hair thinning in humans; we’re essentially reducing the density of the tree’s growth.

Directional Pruning
This is where we prune certain parts of a tree to help it take a certain directional shape and to encourage growth in certain areas and not in other areas.

Tree cutting (which is also known as tree removal) is done for a variety of reasons, and the exact process depends on the size of the tree and the reason it’s being cut. A tree that’s healthy but is being removed because it obstructs a power line will be much easier to remove than a tree that’s in the late stages of dying. The latter is a more dangerous job that requires specialized care. We’ve dealt with many dying trees and know exactly how to remove them.

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