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    Why Sandy Springs Residents Matter to Us

    Keeping property looking their best is important to Sandy Springs residents. After all, the city’s median house price is roughly $525,000, and any aesthetic anomaly such as an overgrown tree or a stump could cut into the average home’s value. That’s precisely why Evergreen Tree Services are so important. Our tree service runs the gamut from tree trimming to stump grinding and all things in between, and every aspect of our service is carried out with one goal in mind: To make each home that we touch in Sandy Springs look its absolute best.

    We can achieve this goal because we have an intimate knowledge on what Sandy Springs and Fulton County experiences. We are keen to what grows well in the area – including things that grow a little too well. We also know how to handle Southern trees whose health has gone south. If you have a sick or infested tree on your property and you need it gone, our local tree service can help take care of the problem efficiently.

    New Sandy Springs Residents
    Oftentimes, a new Sandy Springs homeowner may discover they may have an issue that could require a stump removal service. The previous owners may have undergone a tree removal procedure, but they did so without taking the stump away. We’re sensitive to this situation, which is why we will not bill you until you are totally satisfied with the work we perform. We will make sure that the work is not only efficient, but also clean. We will not leave debris scattered about your yard.

    What’s more, you can be assured that the wood that is removed will be put to good use. We will take any of the hardwood removed from your property and ensure that it is used as firewood area campfires or fireplaces. If we’re removing peach or cherry wood, we’ll sell it to the talented chefs that compete in the Atlanta area’s famed barbeque competitions. Your trash will become someone else’s treasure.

    Sandy Springs Weather
    Like the rest of the greater Atlanta area, Sandy Springs falls into a humid subtropical climate. Summers here are warm and humid, with typical highs getting to the mid to upper 80s and typical lows in the low to mid 60s. Sandy Springs residents can expect cool winters with temperatures ranging from the low 50s during the day and the upper 20s at night. Residents can also expect to see steady rainfall throughout the year, to the tune of about 4.3 inches a month on average. This metric can swell to about 6 inches between January and March, and it could lead to the occasional bout of extreme weather, such as the infamous ice storm that hit the area back in 2014.

    When this type of inclement weather hits – regardless of the season – it can oftentimes brings the threat of serious situations, such as the need for emergency tree services. The good news here is that Evergreen Tree Services provides emergency tree services to Sandy Springs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that the longer tree damage remains untouched, the more severe the problem can get. That’s why our services are not only swift, but they are also proactive. We will fix the issue, and we will also determine what trees could potentially be a threat to you and your home during subsequent storms.

    How Sandy Springs Came to Be
    Sandy Springs is technically a new city – it’s only been incorporated since 2005 – but its history can be traced back to 1842, when the Austin-Johnson House was built alongside what is currently Johnson Ferry Road. The community slowly began to develop, and it pulled its name from the natural spring that runs near the city.

    By 1950, Atlanta started to attempt annexation on the community, which was deemed rural in the days before the Interstate Highway System came into being. Yet Sandy Springs residents staved off annexation, even when Atlanta tried to use a state law to force annexation in the 1970s. The metropolis’ aggressive action prompted a push toward incorporate. However, Atlanta used its own clout to continually block the city’s attempts to incorporate. Finally, in 2005, new laws were put on the books to lessen Atlanta’s influence on Sandy Springs incorporation attempts, and the community officially became a city, becoming the third largest city in U.S. history to incorporate. Residents and visitors alike can pay a visit to the city’s Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and explore the city’s rich history.

    Sandy Springs Demographics
    Sandy Springs population currently stands at about 102,000 residents. This is a dramatic jump from the 1980 census, when the then-unincorporated community had a population of just about 47,000. The city is a haven for young people and those with families. A whopping 40% of the populace falls into the 25 to 44 age range, about 40% of the approximate 48,000 households were married couples living together, and roughly 21% of the city had at least one child under the age of 18 living within. Sandy Springs’ median household income is about $106,000, with the median family income being roughly $130,000.

    Sandy Springs has a lot of history for a city that has technically only been around for a decade. That’s part of what makes this city so charming. Combined with the city’s mild weather patterns and energy that naturally stems from a younger populace, it’s clear to see why the population has doubled in size since 1980.

    Evergreen Tree Service is happy to be able to use their arborist expertise in order to help the fine residents of Sandy Spring to keep their homes looking as pristine as possible. Whether the service entails something basic like tree trimming or tree pruning or something more arduous like dealing with a sudden tree issue in the aftermath of an extreme weather condition, Evergreen Tree Services is on call around the clock to make sure any tree-related issue that may develop is handled in a way that will bring you peace of mind.