Our Recycle Guarantee

Evergreen Tree Services is Atlanta’s first and only tree company to guarantee to recycle 100% of its by-product. No landfill, EVER!

How do we do it? Depending on where the job is located, we drop our wood chips at one of thirteen different inert recycling facilities that either regrind/die the chips to be sold as landscape material or supply the chips to boiler plants which in turn use them to generate electricity.

All hardwood trees are brought back to our yard and split for firewood. Cherry and pear trees are sold to competitive BBQers in Atlanta. Pine logs are taken to a mill and Tulip Poplar, Boxelders, and Holly are sold to members of the Atlanta Woodturners Association.

Why would I post all this information?
We believe that every tree service in Atlanta should be recycling their by-product and not dumping in the landfills. At Evergreen Tree Services we take care of our customers and the environment. Guaranteed!