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    We Are Proud to Service Beautiful Duluth

    Trees dot the landscape even in the tightly packed residential areas of town. These trees provide valuable shelter and shade, keeping the sun’s heat from overworking the air conditioning in the summer time. Trees also provide property value, as does pleasant looking landscaping.

    Trees can also be a problem or a liability at times for Duluth residents when some of our intense thunderstorms roll into town. In addition, as trees age, they can become infested with insects or be more susceptible to disease. When this happens, an arborist can help.

    Evergreen Tree Services has certified arborists who understand tree health and they can spot potential problems before they get to far. We help land owners and home owners in Duluth, Georgia to have safe, healthy trees that improve the look and value of their property.

    We provide tree cutting and removal with 24/7 emergency tree service. Because we are a local tree service company, we are close by when you need us. We will remove your tree and leave your property looking like we were never there. We also make sure to secure any damage such as when a tree falls on a home and goes through the roofing.

    We will secure that area so that further damage does not happen before it can be fully repaired. We help Duluth residents keep their properties looking great, even providing stump grinding and removal.

    We recycle 100% of the wood and waste we remove from any properties. Cherry and Peach tree wood is sold to competitive barbecue chefs, of which the area has many. Hardwoods are chopped and sold as fire wood. We even recycle wood chips for landscaping mulch or for use in factories. All of the waste from area landscaping and tree removal projects is re-purposed and put to use elsewhere in the area.

    Evergreen Tree Services is proud to serve Duluth, Georgia in Gwinnett County. Residents of Duluth need tree removal and tree cutting services for a variety of reasons. They may have a problem tree that they fear is too close to a home or power lines. They may notice a tree is leaning in a way that it wasn’t before. Other residents may just want to improve the look of their landscape with tree pruning or tree trimming. Evergreen Tree Services can provide all of this and more.

    We also provide stump grinding and removal. Stumps are not only unsightly, but they can be dangerous to any concrete or asphalt nearby. The roots can even crack the foundation of a home if they are left too close to the building.

    Our certified arborist gives accurate quotes and we guarantee that the bill will never be for more than the quote for that work. We are a local tree service who is happy to provide 24/7 emergency service to the residents of Duluth, GA.

    History of Duluth
    In 1818, Gwinnett County was created by the state of Georgia. It was about that time that white settlers began to move to the area. Peachtree Road was the only road through the area at that time. It was an offshoot of an old Indian trail. Peachtree Road still exists, and is arguably the most famous road in Georgia.

    Evan Howell is credited as being the forefather of Duluth. He created more roads in the area and the road he built from the Chattahoochee River that intersected Peachtree Road along his property was known as Howell’s Crossing for 40 years after it was built.

    In 1870, the first school was built in Duluth with the first Baptist Church following in 1886. John Knox was the first mayor of Duluth, serving from 1880 to 1885. The city itself was incorporated in 1876. While it was still known to many as Howell’s Crossing, the City officially changed its name in 1871 to the City of Duluth, after the French captain and explorer Daniel Greyson Du Luth.

    The city’s growth was very dependent on the railroad. The steam engine is still prevalent in their city seal today to commemorate the importance of the rail to the growth of young Duluth.
    In more recent years, Duluth has been noting as having high vitality with a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and financial stability. It is a model city for the country of Gwinnett. Gwinnett County itself was named after Button Gwinnett, one of the 3 Georgians to sign the Declaration of Independence.

    In 2013, the population was 28,404 in the city of Duluth. The median estimated household income in 2012 was $53,839, which is still a bit higher than the Georgia median of $47,209. However, it is down a bit from the year 2000, when it was listed as $60,088. The median home price for 2012 was between 250,000 and 300,000 from 2009 to 2013. Median gross rent for the area was listed as $978 for that same year.

    42% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree in the city of Duluth with 92.3% holding at least a high school diploma. 28.8% of the citizens were foreign born. 42% of residents listed themselves as Caucasian in the 2012 Census. 25.7% were Asian, and 17.7% were African American. Many nationalities are represented in the city of Duluth. The median resident age in Duluth is 35.2 years, making it a bit younger city than average for the Atlanta area. Only 2.95 of the population is represented by someone over the age of 65 living alone.

    Weather and Climate
    The climate of Duluth is much the same as surrounding areas. Summers are very warm with temperatures in the 80s a common thing. Winters can be mild, but temperatures in the low 30s to high 20s seem to pass though at least every January. With 53.3 average inches of rain, Duluth, Georgia has significantly more rain than the national average, which is 36.5. With rain can come storms. Storms with high winds can cause damage to trees, or take down trees that may have had damage before the storm came through. Evergreen Tree Services is available with 24/7 emergency tree removal for Duluth residents.

    In the spring, some residents may notice that certain trees or limbs are not getting buds or leaves. This is a sure sign of damage or sickness. One call to an arborist at Evergreen Tree Services can prevent those trees from causing bigger problems. Any time trees do not look full and lush in the hot summer months, it may be a good idea to call in the professionals to take a look. There may be things that can be done to prevent losing a tree. Arborists understand what needs to be done, and can inform residents about all of their options.

    Duluth, Georgia is seen by many as a great place to live, work and raise a family. The beauty of the area changes with the seasons. It is a more affordable place to live than some others in the greater Atlanta area, and still has the beauty for which Georgia is known. The city is steeped in history and shows solid growth for the area. Residents enjoy their landscaping and use it as a functional, as well as aesthetic, part of their home owning experience. Evergreen Tree Service is proud to be a local tree service company in Duluth, GA.