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    We Think the World of Johns Creek

    A house in Johns Creek is not just a house – it is an investment whose median price hovers around the $248,000 mark. This fundamental aspect is something that is always on the mind of each arborist that represents Evergreen Tree Services. Our team knows that services such as tree trimming and tree pruning play a key role in maintaining property value. As a local tree service, we are also quite aware of the growing conditions in the area and how trees and shrubs react and thrive in Johns Creek’s climate.

    Homeowners in Johns Creek that have a tree that is sick, dead, or infested should get in touch with one of our team members to assess the damage and recommend the next steps that should be taken in order to resolve the issue.

    If you are a new resident of Johns Creek, you may experience certain issues that might require stump removal. This is not an uncommon problem. It may be something left over from a previous resident that requested a tree removal, but left the stump in place. However, Evergreen Tree Services will make this process of removing the stump as hassle-free as possible. We won’t make a mess when we remove a stump – every speck of debris will be handled and cleaned up from your property. We also will not send you an invoice until we know you are completely and totally satisfied.

    Evergreen Tree Services also is a proponent of green practices. We will recycle all of the wood chips that result in a stump grinding or stump removal process. We will also ensure that any hardwood that is taken from your property will be transformed into firewood for fireplaces or area campfires. If you have cherry or peach wood, we will sell it to many of the competitive barbeque cooks that share their skill set throughout the Atlanta area. At Evergreen Tree Services, we firmly believe that one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.

    Weather and Climate
    Like the other cities in Fulton County, Johns Creek follows a humid subtropical climate. In the summertime, it’s typical to see highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 60s. In winter, the usual temperatures tend to be in the low 50s during the day and the upper 20s at night. Rainfall is pretty consistent here, as Johns Creek residents can expect a little over 4 inches a month to fall. While this precipitation may spell a little bit of summertime relief from the South’s infamous humidity, it also means that storms that could lead to tree damage are a year-round concern. What’s more, this kind of damage could happen at any time.

    For this reason, Evergreen Tree Services provides 24/7 emergency tree service in Atlanta. We know full well that taking care of tree damage is something that needs to be handled swiftly, as the potential for more significant damage becomes greater with every minute that goes by. That’s why we specialize in taking care of what went wrong in an efficient manner. We will also go beyond the mere fixing of the problem and inform you what other trees may cause issues during the storms that may follow.

    The History of Johns Creek
    Technically, there isn’t a whole lot of history to Johns Creek, as the city itself only incorporated in 2006. Yet if you push through incorporation dates, you will see an area of Fulton County that is rich in history.

    Like a lot of cities in Fulton County, Johns Creek was part of Cherokee nation, and its area was lined with various trading posts along the Chattachoochee River. The land was eventually colonized by European settlers, and was more or less taken over by the U.S. government shortly after the discovery of gold within the foothills of Northeast Georgia. The community itself became part of the massive Cherokee County, which was formed from the land that was formerly occupied by Cherokee Nation. It then became part of Milton County when the county was formed in 1858, then was picked up by Fulton County during the Great Depression after Milton County resolved.

    The Johns Creek name was largely forgotten until 1981, when a group of Georgia Institute of Technology graduates snapped up 1,700 acres of farmland and dubbed it Johns Creek after stumbling upon the name on an old map. Eventually, enough people moved into the area to push for an official incorporation, which happened on December 1, 2006.

    The population of Johns Creek is approximately 83,000 residents, good enough to make it the 10th largest city in Georgia. It has a median household income of about $110,000. It is a well-educated town, with nearly 65% of its residents holding Bachelor’s degrees and 25% of its residents in possession of Graduate degrees. This educational leaning has led the city to be a culturally influential city, which is perhaps best represented by the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra – the only part-time, fully professional symphony orchestra found in metro Atlanta.

    Even if Johns Creek has only technically been around since 2006, its wealth of history that existed long before it was incorporated makes it one of Atlanta’s most intriguing suburbs. It is also one of the most beautiful ‘burbs, thanks in part to the trees that proudly adorn the city’s residential properties. Yet when the time comes for tree cutting or some other similar service in order to preserve the property’s overall health, a company like Evergreen Tree Services can be a tremendous asset.

    We approach each job great and small with a great amount of reverence. This respect is not only linked to you the customer, but it is also linked to your trees and the city of Johns Creek itself. This is why we are confident in stating that we will handle all of your tree service needs efficiently and professionally, no matter what service is needed.