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We take great pride in our work and value our reputation within the local community. I can personally guarantee that you will be happy with our work. Landscaping and property maintenance is crucial to home values in Dunwoody. Proper tree pruning and tree trimming can go a long way toward making a property not only look good, but also increase its value.

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    Certified arborists, like those at Evergreen Tree Services, are professionals in tree and shrub care, and they can be a vital part of keeping a property look good. Safety, in areas with a great deal of trees, is important, too.

    Trees that have been damaged or are sick can come down at any time, even without high winds, causing damage to property, injury to people, or worse. Residents of Dunwoody should keep an eye on their trees and look for signs of disease or infection. If any bark is loose or missing, tree limbs fail to produce leaves, or if infestation is apparent, it’s important to call a local tree service right away.

    Stump grinding and stump removal can be important in residential areas as well. Stumps and their roots can be unsightly. They can be a tripping hazard. They can also cause damage to driveways, patios, sidewalks and roads. Their root systems can cause upheaval of concrete and asphalt, causing even more problems for residents. Root systems can even crack foundations of houses. Stump grinding and removal is an easy way to ensure that this damage does not occur.

    When Evergreen Tree Services performs stump grinding and removal, residents will not even know the work was done. Instead they will only see a properly manicured area where a possible nuisance once was.

    Why We Love Dunwoody

    The City of Dunwoody is among the most sought after northern suburbs of Atlanta. Residents of Dunwoody enjoy great landscaping with ample trees and shrubs on many properties. And we take great pride in keeping it beautiful.

    Residents of Dunwoody, and all of Dekalb County, need reliable tree services. We hold Certified Tree Professional certifications and all of our quotes are performed by a certified arborist. The cost of the job will never exceed the quote, unless a customer wishes more services to be performed.

    We provide emergency tree removal services, but will never do sloppy work. We take great care to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and we take great care in performing our services. The City of Dunwoody is known as a great place to live, steeped in deep history with a forward-looking mentality.

    A Brief History
    Dunwoody was named after Major Charles Dunwody of the Civil War. When the ity was formed, an unintentional extra “o” was added to the name. Originally, the land was part of the great Cherokee Nation. White settlers came to the area to live near the Chattahoochee River as early as 1821. It enjoyed growth as a railroad community with the train known as “Old Buck” passing through on it’s regular daily route. The tracks were changed over to standard gauge tracks in 1903, and the area continued to grow and prosper.

    Dunwoody Village, the heart of the City of Dunwoody itself, still remains as a testament to the early years. The Dunwoody Farmhouse still stands there today, much as it did when Major Dunwody came home to the war-ravaged city. He saw burned out homes and decimated fields. He immediately went to work planting crops to help feed the citizens of the town a they rebuilt.

    Dunwoody remained fairly rural until the 1960s when the suburban development push came along to boost the residential districts. The City of Dunwoody was incorporated in 2008. It has a strong focus on family values and entrepreneurship. Much of the early Colonial Williamsburg architecture still exists today, giving the city center a very unique look and identity all of its own.

    The area of the city known as Georgetown, and its growth, were the main reason behind the push to incorporate. It is a great area to be on foot, and just enjoy the city by walking. It has its own retail district as well as a fine residential subdivisions.

    In the 2012 U.S. Census estimated the median household income in Dunwoody to be $75,123. The median house or condo price in the area is $334,642, based on homes sales in the area in 2012. The median age of the population in Dunwoody is 35.7 as opposed to the 39.7 median age for Georgians in general. It’s 13.7 square miles boasts 12.94 square miles of land and .23 square miles of water.

    Homeownership rate in Dunwoody is 54.7%. The median value of owner-occupied properties is $353,900, which is a bit higher than some other areas in the metro Atlanta area.

    Weather and Climate
    The weather in Dunwoody is typical of the Atlanta area with warm summers with temperatures that can reach into the 90s. Spring and Fall are long season with a great deal of beauty as the flora changes over to the next season. On an average, there are 112 days with measurable precipitation and storms are not unheard of, and high winds associated with those storms can cause a great deal of problems for residents. Evergreen Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency tree removal for those occasions.

    It may be a simple tree pruning, as is the case of a tree branch falling on a car. Or, it may be that a resident needs a tree removed that has fallen on power lines or even a home. In these cases, tree removal must be done quickly. That does not mean we do a sloppy job, though. We use the same meticulous care that we use in all of our tree removal services. Your property will look neat and tidy in the area of the removed tree when we leave.

    Dunwoody can be a great place to raise a family and enjoy walking through the quaint city center. While the climate is quite temperate, there can still be weather emergencies that cause a certain deal of damage in some areas. Evergreen Tree Services is a local tree service company servicing Dunwoody and the surrounding Dekalb County area.