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    We Appreciate the Residents of Roswell

    Roswell is one of the prettiest suburbs in the Atlanta area, partially because it is filled with natural Southern splendor. Of course, if you own a home in Roswell, there may come a time where part of this wonder – specifically, trees – may end up causing a little bit of havoc on your property.

    If you find yourself in that situation, a local tree service like Evergreen Tree Removal can help. Our skill in providing tree-related help to Roswell residents can be demonstrated in a host of different ways, from simple tasks like tree trimming to more complex tasks such as stump grinding. Ultimately, our goal is to provide residents with satisfaction through our services – not to mention a good looking lawn.

    Each member of Evergreen Tree Removal approaches each situation as an arborist, complete with an in-depth knowledge of the kind of trees tend to grow well in and around Fulton County. This knowhow allows the members to know precisely what to do in each tree removal situation. It also allows them to explain the details of the recommended procedure in a way that homeowners can easily grasp.

    Something for New Residents to Keep in Mind
    When you move into a new residence, you may inherent an issue regarding stump removal. This is not uncommon – typically, it stems from previous residents having requested the removal of a tree from a tree service, only to leave the stump behind. When you call Evergreen Tree Service to have stump removed, our team will work to not only take care of the stump, but we will do so in the cleanest way possible. There will not be a speck of debris left behind on your yard or property. Furthermore, there won’t be a bill furnished until you are completely satisfied with our work.

    We also are environmentally sound with the wood that comes from the stump. We’ll recycle all of the wood chips, and any hardwood that is removed will be converted into firewood for area campfires and fireplaces. If you have peach or cherry wood that needs to be removed, we will sell it to one of the famed barbecue competitions that famously happens in Atlanta. It may leave your property as trash, but it will fall into the hands of someone else that will treat it as a treasured purchase.

    Roswell’s Weather
    Like most of the greater Atlanta area, Roswell’s temperatures are marked by mild temperatures with variable humidity. During the day, you’ll usually see temperatures reach the upper 80s in summer, and the upper 40s in the winter. At night, these temperatures will drop to the mid 60s and the upper 20s, respectively. Rainfall here typically hovers around the 5-inch mark on a monthly average. While the occasional summer rain is par for the course in Fulton County, it also means that the notion of a weather-related tree issue may happen at any time throughout the year.

    This is one of the reasons why Evergreen Tree Services offer 24/7 emergency tree services to Roswell. We know that if tree damage happens, the issues that it can cause could become significantly worse if it is not handled in an efficient manner. When we come to your home for this emergency service, we won’t just stop at fixing whatever went wrong. We will also be able to determine what other trees may be potential problems the next time a storm hits.

    Roswell’s History in Brief
    Roswell has been around for a long time – it incorporated in 1854, a few years before the Civil War. Plenty of historic structures still stand from the city’s 19th century days, which add to the town’s aesthetic. This beauty is something that Evergreen Tree Removal’s team always bears in mind whenever they conduct their tree pruning or tree cutting services.

    The reason why Roswell incorporated back in 1854 was partially due to logistics. It was part of Cobb County at the time, and it took residents a good four hours on horseback to reach the county seat of Marietta in order to conduct official governmental business. The city itself is named after Roswell King, who developed a cotton mill that would quickly turn into the largest mill in North Georgia. The city was built on the strength of the cotton industry; as the cotton mills grew, so did the population. The mills were burned down by Union General William T. Sherman during the Civil War, but King’s family re-built the mills to continue cotton production in the land.

    In 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, Roswell decided to cede from Cobb County in order to become part of Fulton County. This was done in order to facilitate a merger between Fulton County, which was Roswell’s southern neighboring county, and Milton County, which was Roswell’s northern neighboring county.

    Roswell Demographics
    Roswell’s current population checks in at around 94,000 residents. The median age in the town is just a tick over 37, and the city’s highest age demographic falls into the 30-39 range at 19.4%. It is a city that is known for having an educated populace – over 40% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree, with nearly 19% boasting a graduate degree.
    The city also has also cultivated a pretty solid reputation for being a nice place to live. It made CNN’s list of the Top 100 places to live in the U.S. in 2010. Frommer’s also named it one of the top three cities in the country to raise your family in 2006.

    Roswell residents pay a pretty penny for their homes – the median price of a house in the city is around $290,000. As such, it’s important that an investment of that magnitude be taken care of as well as possible. Evergreen Tree Service approaches each of its assignments with this in mind. Whether it is something as simple as cutting a few branches off of the tree in your back yard or grinding that stump that sits in the middle of your front lawn, our skilled crew will have your home looking its absolute best.

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